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809 Wilson – Yellow Sign

News is out that Wilson Street & Long St site that adjoins Canadian State Forest, is the next piece of natural land to be developed.


DEVELOPER: Coughlan Civil Pty Ltd

SITE: 809 Wilson Street, Ballarat East

PROPOSAL : Subdivision into 39 lots and Removal of Native Vegetation

OBJECTIONS DUE : August 13th 2012

Please go and have a look at the site and at the plans and let us know what you think. You can look a the plans at the council or online, here is how you access the plans online:

1. go to https://eservices.ballarat.vic.gov.au/ (click on link below)
2. click on “Town Planning Applications”
3. select “Town Planning Applications on Advertising” then click ‘Next’
4. click on “PLP/2011/683” which is at the top of the list.
5. click on “View Application Details Here”
Then you will be taken to a list of downloadable PDFs, the main one is the “Application for a Planning Permit”, and the “Plan of subdivision”. Have a read and let us know what you think of the development. We will need someone in Wilson Street to lead the charge if you think it needs changing to better reflect the neighbourhood…

Here is a heartfelt plea from Judy who lives opposite the proposed development.

“Dear All,
809 Wilson St, Ballarat East.
Maybe you haven’t heard of this area, but it is opposite my house.
About 12 years ago, permission was given for this piece of land to be subdivided into 3 lots. Now they want 39.
The land is adjacent to Canadian Forest. Parts are exceedingly steep. There is a lot of bog land included, and water springs come out of the hill.
The original permit took the hydrology of the land into consideration, something which seems to be out of fashion since the drought. The wet patches are returning and dams are filling. There are koalas living on this land as are wallabies and echidna.
There is vegetation protection on all adjacent land. The area is fireprone, so additional insurance would be charged to residents for flood and fire danger.
It adjoins a lovely, quiet piece of paradise peopled by folk who love the regional flavour. Development would flood more traffic onto Fussell St Between Wilson and Eureka Streets. Wilson St. here is very narrow, with blind crests and steep and has natural vegetation (protected).



Huge bugbear
Why aren’t developers called to task about where their yellow perils go up, we only found this one because people of the east know what to look for…
Can you see the Yellow Sign?

Can you see the Yellow Sign?

No neither could we so we went in for a closer look:


Pretty isn't it...

Pretty isn’t it…

And here is what this street is known for…

For how long?

For how long?


  1. […] Here are some images of the proposed development site, some images opposite the development site (objection letters due anytime prior to the planning officers making a decision – or ASAP). Locals reckon its over-development, doesn’t respect neighbourhood character and is in direct opposition to the overlays which protect this area (environment, koala and bushfire). This block is described as fire prone and lilely flood prone on the City of Ballarat website. More info here. […]

  2. kaye murray says:

    how sneaky where they placed the yellow peril, and what about the roadside vegetation overlay….. it seems to me that council has rules which only apply to them. what an absolute disgrace that they are even considering developing this pristine vegetation.

  3. BE Network says:

    Thanks Diane, and everyone please remember the due date for objections is 13th August, that’s this Monday. However you can put in an objection letter after this date up until the mediation meeting (if one if held). See notes above on how to access the application, or head into council and ask for the planning department.

  4. Diane says:

    Please note that according to the planning application, this is a STAGED subdivision which infers that the larger lots will be further subdivided later. Recent development in the area have shown that Stage 2 of developments always involve much smaller lots being added later. Lots 26 and 27 will most likely be chopped up later and the current diagram with all the trees shown is merely to make us feel good and help to get Stage One approved.

  5. Marg Keating says:

    I could not get in passed the first link but did find a flyer in my letterbox today with the plan for 39 housing blocks, yes 39 what about the current wildlife that lives there – what will they do? Let alone what about the traffic from Wilson Street into Fussell Street. What about the current vegetation? Looks way too may housing lots for this area adjoining the State Forest – which is filled with wildlife.

  6. Alice Christie says:

    Can I ask people to please go and have a look at the beautiful area here that is being proposed for development and make strong objections-this is the thin edge of the wedge!!! There are sooo many reasons why this should not even be completed by Council. We drove slowly drove past the area in question this afternoon as people walked, alone or with their dogs, some with children in tow, others were cycling. This is Ballarat Easts leisure area; and is increasingly becoming so. This is not in Character with the Neighbourhood which has very large blocks of land. There are many blocks of land in Ballarat East that are not selling; we don’t need more subdivisions. This is a pristine, spectacular part of Ballarat-and dividing it into small parcels of land along the bush track that is Long Street, which abuts the forest is monstrously. Think of the people in this instance Council.

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