Apr 27

April 2012 Update

This is an update across the last quarter actually, its been too flat-out here in Ballarat East to even write an update… however one was requested so here we go, from most recent…

  • Planning permit for subdivision at 213 Fussell St was refused due to Neighborhood Character and unacceptable flood risk – a good result with developers being asked by Council to better consider the area in which they are to develop (the word after all is DEVELOP not flatten, nor denude, nor make fit, or build over)
  • Two beautiful 100 year old trees were cut down by developers Urban Latitude – illegally – they were caught and fined and will now replant (the fine amounted to about 6 cents for each year of their lives – is that really what is tree worth?)
    • on another note – the council is pursuing with vigor another unauthorised tree removal in Canadian Valley in January. The council have collated various evidence from various parties and are pursing prosecution vigorously which we applaud. Hopefully a very significant fine, far more than can applied via an infringement notice will be issued by the court, and it should send a very strong message to the community that illegal works of this nature will not be tolerated and that we and our council will take action where and when we can.
  • The community held a rally to support the Forgotten Australians and their quest to have sections of the old orphanage site retained for future generations – to make sure we don’t forget – again
  • We’ve heard and told you about developments in Reid Street Brown Hill, Larter Street Ballarat East, Rodier St – please send us updates
  • We saw evidence of more trees cut down in Brown Hill – this is such an epidemic it is up to each of us to stop people cutting down trees – if you see it record it – lets make a noise – Ballarat East is not for demolition – we will see you, and report you…
  • We held a huge community meeting in Ballarat East to begin the work of creating a mass of support for this area, and also to support the creation of a strategy for Ballarat East that will help us to protect our Neighbourhood Character, protect our trees and outlooks and create a liveable sustainable and beautiful area to live and work.

The question was asked about whether the fine for the trees being cut down applied to both trees? Its doesn’t, it applies for one infringement unfortunately.

Other questions raised at the meeting are still in the process of being answered by council officers, so hang tight. Also there has been work done on the strategy and options for the way forward are being identified – as soon as we know you will know.

An update gives us the opportunity to see trends, and to hear how people feel. There was so much outrage about the trees coming down we are hoping to report soon on actual guidelines about what you can do on your property so that you are aware of what others can and can’t do. We have a right to question people who are in the process of cutting down trees, to make contact with council and make sure we are satisfied its all above board. Again we need to stay vigilant, talk to each other, share our stories and experiences.

We need to warn people who buy in this area that we have a charm and character worth protecting, that we will protect it and that we will work with developers to get it right in this beautiful area. If developers choose to ignore the residents of the areas within which they develop, they are doing themselves, the residents, our council and future residents a huge disservice. So if its for sale in Ballarat East – do your homework, our next post will give you some guidelines.

Keep an eye out for yellow signs…

Keep an ear out for chain saws…

Keep a heart out for your neighbours…

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