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We are really keen to support visitors to our area in the hope that if more people are aware of its natural beauty and the stories it has to tell about our history then people more be more willing to support good planning here.

What we would like you to do is tell us what makes Ballarat East special, where are the places we can show people that inform entertain and delight.

For example some of the more obvious (not in any order):

Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka” The role of the 1854 Eureka Stockade in shaping our nation has long been celebrated with local commemorations and memorials. M.A.D.E’s foundations are the physical site of the Eureka Stockade and the spirit of the uprising. It will harness the profound Eureka story in the context of the 21st century.

Arthur Kenny Avenue of Honour” Having been rediscovered after years of neglect the are now has plaque and information signs.

Canadian State Forest” within 5kms of the CBD this unique environment is home to much wildlife, native vegetation and many walking tracks.

Some a little more hidden:

“Tammy Fence” the musical fence in Eureka St that shows notes from the song ‘Tammy’

Ballarat East Town Hall Gardens” now part of Ballarat Secondary College these gardens are what remains of a proud history in Ballarat East when we had our own Town Hall, Library and gardens, prior to amalgamation in 1921

What can you share with us that will help us to create some walking and driving tours of our area? Please put them in the comments below and forward longer pieces and pictures to info@ballarateast.net and we will work hard to create some great promotion of Ballarat East.




  1. Judy Robinson says:

    I have been asked by a friend where she could take her grandchildren to see wildlife in the bush and of course
    I could tell her grey kangaroos are to be found in the paddock on the left heading towards Pax Hill on most evenings. They used to be on the right too but not so much now that there is so much building going on.

  2. I was born in the East. We used to go up to the Eureka Stockade park and watch the steam locomotives go to the Eureka siding exactly where M.A.D.E. is now and then they would cross Stawell St right next to where the pool kiosk is now to go into the Eureka Tile factory. We used to stand right next to these giants as they hissed and puffed steam and smoke.
    The siding stopped at Eureka St but the old rail way can be seen going down Rodier St, crossing Wilson St and then continues out to Buninyong.

    There used to be a working gold mine in Spencer St between Richard and Fussell Sts and was operated by an old timer called Joe Lowe. He had an old windlass and primitive tools but dont know if he found much gold but he was down about 5 or 6 metres.
    These above were about 50 years ago.

  3. edie says:

    the walks up (or down) the various creeks – specimen vale, Canadian creek & warrenheip creek, & the yarrowee. Obvious to easties perhaps but not everyone aware. Also perhaps tips on how to tie in public transport, eg walk out bus back

  4. oooh, how exciting. There’s heaps to see!

    We came up with a couple:

    * Beautiful Bridges (scott parade & queen s rail bridges, old tram bridge (now walking path) near Meagher’s Hotel)
    * Historic buildings in Victoria St & Scott Pde
    * Old Curiosity Shop
    * Fence in Eureka St with the flag in the palings
    * Old school buildings (richard st, golden point, queen st)
    * Lake Esmond & Parks
    * Sunicrust Bakery
    * Montrose Cottage
    * Remains of the tiny cottage on Joseph St (set back opposite the canadian school) – was once owned by my great great great grandparents and burnt down a couple of years ago, but the grounds and everything are still there. facebook message from my nanna….Well they were the ones who lived there. She was the naughty one who set fire to the gorse bushes one time cos she was bored, and used to sometimes heckle political soap box speakers in the main street. I think she would have been fun. Also met her husband – rather than just seeing him as a guest at the v=boarding house, when a fellow housemaid dared her to pull his chair away just as he went to sit on it. She always told her children that they should never do this, cos people could be hurt!!!!”” )

    I’m sure there are hundreds of others, and plenty of untold family stories just like that. It’s not just the places, but the people and the histories and futures of those people!

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