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Defining the East’s Neighbourhood Character

15trees15 Trees is a Ballarat Company highlighted in The Age recently…

We’ve heard many definitions over the years – semi-rural; green-belt; diverse; different; anarchic; charming; and we’ve also heard some very unkind ones – poor; cheap; run-down; busy…

Whatever your view, whatever direction you come from, however you view Ballarat East, AND if you live here – it’s important that we document and define our Neighbourhood Character. Why? Because that’s what we are protecting when the developers come to call; that’s the information we give developers when they are interested in supporting the area; that’s what we tell council we need to protect. And to protect it, we first need to define it, the clearer we are, the stronger the message.

To this end South Ward Councillors Ben Taylor, Des Hudson and Cheryl Bromfield, along with council officers, are very keen to support the process of establishing a definition for the Neighbourhood Character of Ballarat East. How? We are proposing a community meeting for early February 2012, we need your help – when do you think is a good time to hold it:

  • a Sunday arvo 2pm to 4pm – after the kids sport is over, and the weekend belongs to family?
  • an early weekday early evening 6pm to 8pm – after work is done, at the start of the week when we are fresh?
  • a late weekday early evening 6pm to 8pm – after work is done, towards the end of the week when our task-list is shorter?
  • a Saturday morning 11pm to 1pm – before the weekend really gets going?

Please add your comments below, a notice will be sent out shortly with details once decided.

The meeting will be addressed by the BE Network, by Councillors and by council officers, and will also list a number of fabulous resources on Neighbourhood Character that you can take with you, great for those currently ‘negotiating’ with developers, planning departments or VCAT. There will also be time for questions and a listing of current developments in the area.

cheers and thanks for your support

Erin at BE Network



  1. Alice Christie says:

    Do my best to fit in whenever

  2. BE Network says:

    This from Michael on email – Put me down for the community meeting in Feb. As a shift worker it is always near impossible to give a hard and fast date or time but I will do my utmost to attend.

  3. Edie says:

    I’ll make time for this meeting whenever but Sunday afternoon or an evening would suit me best

  4. Colleen says:

    Good luck to you all in slowing down the crazy ‘develop at any cost as long as I make a buck’ mentality that is swamping Ballarat’s outer zones. Colleen (Brown Hill)

  5. Steve B says:

    I think Sunday afternoon – if not then, maybe early weekday evening….

  6. Louise Busija says:

    Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening late in the week. Cheers 🙂

  7. Judyann says:

    East of Fussell St has already changed forever on York St and Stockade St developments, now very inner surburban. Let’s work on preventing more of this destruction of our lovely semi-rural area.which has running streams, native animals, vegetation and birds which live here and give us so much pleasure.

    Will try to make the meeting whenever.

  8. David Santamaria says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Rather than give you a single option I’ve put my preferences in order from preferred to least preferred:
    a late weekday early evening 6pm to 8pm
    a Saturday morning 11am to 1pm
    an early weekday early evening 6pm to 8pm (but not a Monday as I work in Melb then)
    a Sunday arvo 2pm to 4pm
    Kind regards,
    David Santamaria

  9. Sofia says:

    we will fit in, probably Saturday is the least appealing time.

  10. erin says:

    I think Sunday afternoon is best, it’s easier for families, and its a time to be with the neighbours helping to protect our beautiful area…

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