May 24

Developer Discretion #2

And the hits keep coming on this theme…

This development in York Street is called ‘New York’, I kid you not. What are developers thinking exactly? That Ballarat East has the services, population and infrastructure of New York, which is laughable. They go further ‘Upper East Side Living’. No sir, we are proudly Ballarat East!

At least they don’t have real trees on the sign unlike many other developers. They just have the pretend trees that may or may not be planted, and indeed may just be shrubs! And you can clearly see there will be no room to plant any trees through the development. Lots of green colour on the sign though for some reason!


And following the New York theme are they thinking they need to light up York Street like New York?

They have already erected some high double lights at the entry to the development to account for the internal road. Pity the neighbours, and those in the front dwellings. Get some good eye shades. The additions these lights make to safety is minimal compared to the light pollution they will add, let alone the wasted energy to warm the planet!


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  1. Alice Christie says:

    This week they hacked down the beautiful, tall, old palm, which was to the right of the new lamp post which can be made out in the BE Network photo above!! Vandals!!

  2. Erin says:

    They want to light it up like New York too. Bloody disgraceful, and people call this ‘progress’. Its not progress its regress, back to 70s housing, jammed up, no diversity. Ballarat East is the last bastion of green in the city and we get lumped with these ridiculous developments that our infrastructure cannot possibly support. Developers building brightly lit footpaths to nowhere!

  3. Edie says:

    If I wasnt laughing so much at this ridiculous name [Upper East Side], I would be crying. As if it isnt enough for developers to attack our environment, now they are attacking our culture and heritage. When a place such as the East has so many stories to offer, when its history is so deep, all some no doubt hugely well-paid person can come up with for a name is to borrow from a place as far removed from beautiful Ballarat East as it is just about possible to get. Oh. Maybe I’m missing something, are they being ironic?

  4. Diane says:

    What concerns me is that narrow access road in the picture also has a blind crest where 20 plus properties will be accessed and a garbage truck will service 26 residences.

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