May 11

Fifteen Trees has planted…

At our Community Meeting this year we had to print some stuff on paper, we used a few envelopes and had to use disposable cups for our tea… we felt pretty badly about that part of it, so we thought 15Trees.

We were and continue to be very grateful that local company 15 Trees supported us to reduce the carbon footprint of this meeting by arranging for some trees to be planted. Well those trees have now been planted and here they are. You can read more about our trees here on the 15 Trees blog.

We want to support local companies who are working to enhance our environment and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. So if you drive a car, please consider reducing your carbon footprint for less than 50 bucks with 15 Trees, if you use a computer then even cheaper, do you travel on planes, 15 Trees can help you reduce the impact you are having on our world. To purchase or learn more about what 15 Trees does then head to their website they are also on facebook, love them here…

It couldn’t be easier… here are our trees:


  1. Colleen says:

    How quick are those ‘tree choppers’! Heard some chain saws last week and went for a walk to see what was up. Neighbour is selling and wanted some shrubs taken away (to make room for bigger drive way. When I asked about the tree on the nature strip I was told it was staying as the owner just wanted the shrubs removed. On my way home yesterday, every thing has gone – including the tree! God I wish I had taken a photo (phone was in my pocket) and asked for a business card from the chopper – his ute had a big leaf on the side (but no name). Will ring City Council tomorrow to see if they had a permit (i’m thinking not!).

  2. Have just checked out 15 Trees website. What a great idea.

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