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Have your say on St Paul’s Way

Have your say on St Paul’s Way

St Paul’s Way – have your say – up until May 1st 2015

Proposed Residential and Commercial Development ‘Marvella Heights’ St Pauls Way, Bakery Hill:


Amendment C191 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme proposes to:

  • Rezone the land from Public Use Zone Schedule 5 (Education) to the Mixed Use Zone
  • Rezone the road reserve to the west from Commercial 1 Zone to Mixed Use Zone and remove the Heritage Overlay (HO176) from the road reserve

Planning Permit application PLP/2014/829 is for a:

  • Six lot subdivision
  • Staged development of four multi-storey residential apartments
  • 19 townhouses
  • Four office and retail units with 2 associated residential apartments
  • Waiver of carparking and creation of an easement


  1. […] St Pauls Way – your feedback is due by Friday 1st May at 5pm all info here: http://ballarateast.net/have-your-say-on-st-pauls-way/ […]

  2. Yvonne Horsfield says:

    This ugly multi-level development will become a concrete ghetto, populated by a changing rental clientele that does not give a toss about heritage or its preservation. Now quiet St. Paul’s Way will be congested with traffic and noise.
    The landmarks of St. Pauls church and the Fire Tower will be visually obliterated by this Leggo-land monstrosity rearing its ugly head!
    How ironic that we are celebrating a Heritage Festival. Greed rules!

  3. Glenn Stevens says:

    After visiting the Phoenix And viewing the proposed development plans I feel i must object on several levels. I think this is a gross overdevelopment of this site. I would like to see a proposal that respects the surrounding lot sizes,respects the historic neighbourhood character and respects the views of the residents that have chosen to live in this area. I disagree with the proposed retail being included as there are several shops close by that would welcome more trade and also several empty shops in the area. I would like to see the proposal scaled back to something similar in architectural scale to the multi residential development on the corner of Peel and Humffray Sts. with a height limit of two storeys. I would also like to ask why???
    Are we desperate for this many flats in the area?.I don’t think so. I would also like to ask, would the developers and their families live there long term? Are we at the mercy of would-be millionaires lining their pockets at the expense of the long term character of our neighbourhood, and then moving on to the next lucrative project, or can we say we would welcome some new neighbours on this vacant site with a design solution that does not adversely affect the amenity of the area?(Historic Bakery Hill by the way) I also note that this parcel of land is fairly Landlocked and would greatly benefit by having at least another entrance, even a park like pedestrian way through to Main Rd. There is land for sale on the corner of Humffray and Main that would be ideal for this.(developers take note).I also ask is there any other residential unit blocks of this scale around the CBD? and do we think these Lego shaped monsters would be allowed to go in any of the other Heritage Overlays in Ballarat?

  4. Sophie says:

    Yet again the supposed ‘guardians’ of our town are pretending to be Melbourne millionaires and obviously paying no heed to the fact that this would be a horrible, hideous, ugly, monstrosity, unwelcome by all who live there and use the area.
    Isn’t it funny that NO-ONE is allowed to build anything or even change the color of their own house without permission from our overlords, but this will be considered?!
    Just crazy. Stop it.

  5. Garth Horsfield says:


    The above link covers fairly clearly how a lot of people feel about this absurd, ugly, backwards and greedy UNdevelopment of a lovely heritage area… so far reasonably unspoiled. I understand where commercial interests are concerned however the views and opinions of the local constituents are largely ignored… especially in Ballarat. Smaller communities seem to have more direct action on council policies, but I’m sure this monstrosity will be quietly given the go-ahead.

  6. Gabriel Waldron says:

    The first church of St Paul’s Bakery Hill is under the church car park because A LARGE SINK HOLE OPENED UP AND SWALLOWED IT… this heavily mined land is ALSO the sight of the Eureka Monster Meetings as acknowledged by the council’s own document The Eureka Trails point 7 on the walk… going to look funny with a series of UGLY BOXES blocking the VIEW…

  7. Brigid Walsh says:

    Could people please have a look at this and comment. I am not alone in thinking that this is over-development of the site. Acess to historic St Paul’s will be severely affected, the Fire Station will have its views impeded, the Dean’s House at the back of St Paul’s will be overshadowed, man houses that have their vehicle entry off St Paul’s Way will be affected and there is no visitors parking on the site, so I guess that St Paul’s Way will become untrafficable on a regular basis and houses and St Paul’s will be affected. I believe that perusal of the block by council officers was never undertaken at the time of maximum usage at St Paul’s – and it will be too bad when there is a huge funeral!!!

  8. David says:

    Has anyone seen the actual building plans for this? Im sure I read a 4 story office building in the courier but the planning permit states 4 multi story office buildings, not sure now whether ive just miss read the original article.

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