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Feb 10

Revitalising Historic Cities

Revitalising Historic Cities

On Friday 20th Feb, Erin McCuskey will be representing Ballarat East Network at an International Symposium in Ballarat titled Revitalising Historic Cities. She will be speaking about BE Net and its role in connecting people on issues of heritage, development and the values we hold dear out here in the East. If you have issues […]

Feb 9

Here’s to Humble Heritage

Here’s to Humble Heritage

Guest post this week is from Ailsa Brackley du Bois, local writer with interests in architecture, heritage and design. Here’s to Humble Heritage (Originally published in the 2014 Spring Fever issue (no 18) of The Learmonth Thunderer. Updated in February 2015 for BE Network.) By Ailsa Brackley du Bois I’m an admirer of buildings that […]

Jul 10

Know your street!

Often when developers move into the area they remain unaware of the history of a street, an area, a neighbourhood. Its our job to inform them until they listen! Here is a great resource for residents, new and old, to help you work out some of the heritage in your street… Federation University hosts a […]

Apr 22

Orphanage Decision Adjourned

This just in from Deb who has been leading the charge to save parts of the old orphanage from unnecessary demolition. Hi BE Net, VCAT HAS ADJOURNED THE HEARING TO A LATER DATE! The Council and Former residents went to VCAT today 22 /4/2014, it was scheduled for three days, however the panel heard some […]

Mar 29

Easties on Tour

We’ve been asked by the City of Ballarat to provide some places of note in the East for a tour. The intention is that Ballarat East will be mentioned in the programme for the Ballarat Heritage Weekend. And why not, the whole thing started here yes? So we collected and collated your suggestions and the […]

Nov 11

Do you know?

This email just in from Lynton: Hi BE Net My dad was born in Ballarat East in July 1921. His father and mother married there and his father and grandfather were miners. Was there a hospital at Ballarat East? Lynton Shannon Thanks Lynton, we are unaware of a hospital in this area, however during the […]

Oct 20

Heritage with heart

If the developer who owns the old Orphanage site gets his way and almost completely demolishes the site, what is left to say ‘we did this and it should never happen again’. How is the developer protecting what is currently left of the site? Not at all would be the answer, trees have been left […]

Aug 17

Heritage Overlays & the Ballarat East Fire Station

 The original Station Keepers Cottage. (to be demolished under the proposed development). There has been quite a conversation going on about the Ballarat East Fire Station. One of which was a request to correct the name we used from the Ballarat East Fire Station to Ballarat Fire Station. We agree it is is named on […]

Aug 10

Ballarat East Fire Station

Heads up about a local icon which may be all too much taken for granted. What’s new in Ballarat East, such a common thing these days. Our heritage, our community, our memories, and our contribution to the history of Ballarat is important. When I first heard about this I said ‘I’m so tired of all […]

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