Good Planning

Presentation by Eric Brasilis & Sean O’Keefe Council Officers

Maps of the Ballarat East area were presented and much discussion ensued, here are some notes:

There is growth in Ballarat and there will be growth in Ballarat East.  There is a strategy for heritage/green space/there are creeks and recreation reserves.  Council might need to look at it’s strategic direction. The zoning that exists in Ballarat is for residential/low density and farming.

The Definition of Ballarat East is residential.

 A concern was expressed about 2 units on 1 block subdivisions with sub standard housing. Eric posed the question. If there is development how should it be done?  Should some remain large-we see the need to work with the community? The MSS review  was mentioned briefly. The State Government is encouraging growth.  The Local Government needs to look at how to manage that growth-such as in Ballarat West.

Infill development was mentioned briefly.  The Council wants to encourage development in the CBD.  Pathways are needed. Perhaps we need larger pieces of land in the East. Eric was asked about green belts, his reply was that trees don’t mean green belts.  Crown land is defined.  It is defined along Canadian.  Recreational area and Creek areas are defined. In Canadian/Mt Clear.  Land can be acquired for a corridor.

Council officers look at traffic in residential streets/trees and vegetation.  We encourage planting and retaining mature trees. Communication strategies are vital. VCAT hearings can happen here, though residents noted a number of requests for local hearings had been denied.

  1. We need reasonable size blocks.  We need controls for differential block sizes closer to the CBD.  In the inner East we need to define block size.  Where there is heritage overlay citation and land is a lot harder to develop.
  2. Planning Act 1997 will go to Parliament
  3. Infrastructure.  What do you for want?  Footpaths/Lights?
  4. Orphanage.  The land is sold.  A formal process would be needed for residential development, as it would need to be rezoned. Parts of the building have historical, social and cultural significance.  Big buildings in Victoria St have a heritage overlay. No formal development proposal has been submitted.  Land at the back of the old school could be commercial.  Developers have worked with CAF’s.  More will happen if a submission is proposed.

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