Dec 15

Merry Christmas from Developers

You know its the beginning of holiday season when you see these:



SITE: 307 York Street Ballarat East

PROPOSAL : 28 dwellings

Make sure you check it out, don’t wait to have a look after the holidays it will be too late…

No decision will be made before 16 Days from the 6th of December. That means about Saturday 22nd, so get your objections in by Friday 21st just to make sure.

You don’t have to live next door to make an objection. This affects the entirety of Ballarat East.

Head to the city of Ballarat website to check out the plans, here is how:

1. go to City of Ballarat website, go to planning and eservices, or use this link:

2. Then search for advertised planning applications for 307 York Street

There are 28 dwellings, one way in, one way out, all along the creek, minimal parking, minimal play areas, minimal vegetation, smallest block about 185sm, biggest 300sm.

Same materials, same colours, same small boxes of houses that need a number to distinguish them, no diversity.

When can we expect something better from our developers other than a bald grab for land and cash…

The easy thing is you can log your objection online…

But again, don’t trust us, go and have a look yourself.





  1. ksye murray says:

    Thanks Erin For following up on my alert on the yellow peril.Amazin yhat the developer TMG has not learnt from Rodier St.

    • BE Network says:

      Yeah its amazing Kaye. Hope you put in an objection? Still time is you haven’t. Remember to speak with your neighbours as well and she if they have.

  2. Diane says:

    I don’t believe Australian Standards allow for 28 residences to be accessed via a single lane driveway. How close are they building to the creek? I’m sure the planners assessing the application will be aware of what is proper design and what requirements need to be met. Let’s hope they don’t go for minimum or less than minimum requirements and let’s hope they provide a development that benefits the existing ratepayers, the beautiful historic City of Ballarat and the future residents – let’s hope they don’t approve something that just benefits the developer.

  3. David says:

    Having checked out the application, there are a number of good aspects in this development. I’d like to see a site plan and 3D projection before making a formal submission. There are 17 lots with sizes smaller than 250 m2.
    Maybe these lot sizes are too small. Personally I think families need at least 350 m2, especially if the dwellings are only single story!
    But an infill of this nature would assist small business services opposite the development and those in nearby Kline sts.
    The developers say all the necessary services are available on the property which would reduce the cost of providing sewerage, water, gas and power to the dwellings.
    Consequently, the number of dwelling should be reduced to 20, rather than 28.

  4. Maggie Dannatt says:

    unbelievable, when is there going to be a development that we can be proud of? Wouldn’t it be nice just for a change to see interesting design, making use of the north light for passive solar heating, using sustainable materials, something we would like to live in. These look like the slums of the very near future to me.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Feel sorry for the neighbours at 305 and 309 they will have increased noise nuisance, some of it could be avoided. With a single car width entry and exit point vehicles will be stopping and starting, idling, changing gears, braking while waiting for oncoming vehicles.
    Single width driveway will also causing a line up of cars on York St waiting to enter.

    What will the elderly and people with disabilities do on bin night with only two bin collection points in the development? Maybe a sense of community will develop around neighbours helping each other with rubbish bins. Who needs a park to meet in when you can chat over a nice wheelie bin? Ditto for the mail.

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