Dec 29

Over Development

Here in the East we are getting used to fighting proposals for over-development. Here is the latest proposal, the place as it exists now, and how developers see land use from other proposal that we weren’t able to stop…

This image is what currently resides at 307 York Street, the beautiful creek, lovely walk, rural living within 5 kms of the CBD, unique anywhere in Australia. Why can’t we see how important these areas are to protect, why can’t we value the chaotic rural neighbourlyness of Ballarat East:

creek walk

And here is how a local developer thinks people should live, no space, all the same style and materials, cheek by jowl. The kind of place that has no place in the streets of Ballarat East:bins 1

And then there is the parking as locals residents are sending of developments where parking hasn’t been considered adequately:parking 1

Developers call this a “reserve”:

And they call this managing the water in blocks affected by flood: water

What is most distressing about what is happening in the East is that developers have built their knowledge of planning laws and processes over years. For residents we have a steep learning curve, and it can be scarey, but it CAN be done. We need vigilance and patience.

This one slipped through, maybe because there are not many neighbours (yet!). It has larger blocks which is great however it contains some smaller ones which developers use as precedence over other developments.

However lets finish on something positive:

1. Its not too late to put in objection on 307 York St, remember you can put in objections right up until a decision is made.

2. Rodier St decision by Council to reject the proposal was upheld.

3. We have had more subscribers to BE Net, and more resident contribution in the last month than in any other month

4. A new group Friends of the Canadian Corridor has just started up, next meeting Jan 20th and

5. Still no decision on 809 Wilson St, we are hoping for positive response in the sensitive area right beside Canadian State Forest.

So chin up, keep sending in your pics and posts and we will share as much and as often as we can. Tell us what is special about Ballarat East.

Here is an image typical of Ballarat East and why its worth protecting:

east sunset

east sunset


  1. […] recent BE news photo of Cherry Court (have a look here) was interesting as the real estate agents diagram of Cherry Court is incorrect and fails to show […]

  2. CK says:

    I enjoy walking the creek area and would happy to put in an objection / concern to the council but being new to the area & Ballarat not sure who to direct it to or what to write? can anyone help?

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks Erin for your support on York St, I walk that track next to Warrenheip Gully every day. It lifts my spirits even when its 0 degrees and raining. I hope the council sees their way clear to a sensible a compromise and the developer doesn’t get away with turning this peaceful area into another ghetto like that aweful caravan park called ‘Latitude’. If you think about it, the name is somewhat ironic.
    One wonders what they will call York St? How about, “Take the Money and Run”

  4. ksye murray says:

    Happy New Year to all at Ballarat East Net in particular Erin, you go girlfriend|||||| Great to see that you have stirred a hornets nest about 307 York overdevelopment at it s worst. Please keep fighting for us Easties

  5. Colleen says:

    That is the whole problem – over development! Pack those houses in and let the existing community worry about the bins, parking, noise levels etc.

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