Nov 17

Pennyweight Park Surrender?

Here is a letter some residents in York Street received. It involves the ‘surrender’ of some of Pennyweight Park. we are not sure how far the ‘consultation’ has got however we are thankful to our eagle eyed residents keeping an eye on everything happening in Ballarat East. Sometimes it feels like way too much!

We would like to know what PINARC plan to do with it, and just what “surrender of land” means. The William Dunstan reserve and Sovereign Hill come to mind. The residents there may have some useful knowledge too! What if PINARC move in the future, and sell off to developers? Can Crown resume the title? How can we share the land without losing access to it now and into the future.

Pennyweight Park 1Please make contact with the council officer conducting the consultation Jackie Freckleton and find out the information for yourself.

Here is the land impacted, though it is difficult to see.

Pennyweight park 2



  1. Steve says:

    I had a discussion with a Council officer today regarding this matter. (He rang me in response to a letter I forwarded to the Council last week.) Apparently approx. 5000 square metres is proposed to be handed over. He advised that the overall park area is 50000 square metres so I guess this means ten percent of the parkland will be lost. He did not know what PINARC intended to do with the land.

  2. Steve says:

    It is disappointing that the letter writer seems to have deliberately avoided providing any useful information. How large is the “portion” being relinquished? What development or activity is proposed for this ” portion” ? Why can’t they simply tell us exactly what is being contemplated ?

  3. Jeanne Hateley says:

    Pennyweight Park is actually the sight of the old York street tip, that closed many years ago cant remember when. However I vaguely remember hearing or reading some time ago that the soil was contaminated. That is why the section of land closer to Wilson street was never built on. It will be interesting to know what is planned for the site. Jeanne Hateley.

  4. Angie says:

    From my experience they will only tell you details If they are obligated to. Most likely you will have to do some investigations yourself. Good luck and hopefully
    What you discover is not too detrimental to your home
    And our beautiful ballarat east.

  5. David says:

    It would be nice if PINARC or council told us exactly what the intended use of the land was going to be. Might make the decision a bit easier

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