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Apr 29

Public Art for the East

Public Art for the East

Dear BE Net, The drawing workshops have been going well and have been a good way to draw people to the park (no pun intended, but it is a bit funny).┬áSeveral people who live close by have commented that they did not go to the park much, but after spending an hour or so there […]

Mar 24

Art in the East

Art in the East

Art Project for Pennyweight Park. The City of Ballarat is creating a new public art project and we need the help of the community of Ballarat East to help realise it. Stone sculptor, Joe Pratt has been commissioned to carve designs into 20 bluestone boulders sited at Pennyweight Park during April and May. Artist Forest […]

Nov 1

On a East walk

We have so many creative people in the East! Ducks a waddling… A great example of the housing diversity in Ballarat East. Support the Ballarat East Men’s Shed, they have regular markets and open days! And if you’re a bloke, get in there and work it! A little fun about over development, developers designing the […]

May 29

MADE your day

There are some great events on at MADE at the moment. Make sure you support this great museum, one of the very few venues and exhibition spaces in Ballarat East. They are doing something new, lets help to make it fabulous. Love Dr Blake? Don’t we all? The show is on until June 9th. […]

May 10

Happy Mothers in the East…

I know… any angle right? Lets celebrate those women who mean so much to us. There is so much going on in town with the Ballarat Heritage Weekend, don’t forget that our fabulous MADE provides such an important historical connection, both to the mid 19th century AND before and after… democracy has no time limit… […]

Aug 31

Wilson Street

Have you heard the news? VCAT upheld council decision to deny a permit for 809 Wilson Street. It is worth the effort to make positive changes to developments here in the East. And to quote a resident on our facebook page – “we want quality, well planned subdivisions that are site specific and consider the […]

Jun 22

The People Came…

What a great response to this lovely exhbition with lots of works that look at issues of development, people, places and areas… The exhbition is open until July 7th, hope you get in and take a look. This is Linda Franklin, one of the artists. Image by Erin McCuskey Two of the artists, Linda Franklin […]

Jun 15

Paintings addressing issues

Dear BE Net, I would like to invite you all for free drinks and nibbles at an art exhibition opening – featuring paintings addressing issues concerning Ballarat East and the Canadian Forest Corridor. Here is the flyer for your consideration. Sincerely Martin Hale (and all events details are here

Mar 1

Meet Martin

Art has an important part to play in connecting people to their environment. Meet Martin Hale a local artist who was inspired by Ballarat East and this website. Martin says “The history excerpt by Weston Bate and the high quality content/design and purpose of the BE Net combined with the recent Canadian Corridor meeting inspired […]

Jan 5

Welcome Lucy

Welcome to Lucy our newest resident in Ballarat East… She is a strong sentinel looking out over all of her domain, her wild orange dress does not move with the wind, yet her eyes will follow all those who move through her field of vision. ‘Lucy’ by Mark Schaller (2004) is a large wooden chainsaw […]

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