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Mar 16

Time Capsule Additions

Time Capsule Additions

We have just added the following icons of Ballarat East to the Time Capsule of Ballarat. What else is needed to be added? Check it out here: and add your own places and photos and memories. Ballarat East Town Hall (historic) Ballarat East Town Hall Gardens – under threat The Tammy Fence Arthur Kenny Avenue of […]

Feb 11

Decision for Eureka

Decision for Eureka

After a number of pauses in the journey to getting a decision about the telecommunications tower in Eureka St, the proposal was refused at the last council meeting in a 4:1 vote. Before the vote 4 Councillors asked to be excused from discussion and voting on the tower due to conflict of interest. As Cr […]

Nov 6

Letter from residents in Eureka Street

Dear Councillors I’m forwarding this email to all Councillors as none were able to attend the mediation meeting for 36.3 metre structure at 328 Eureka St. Myself and several other objectors from the Eureka St Heritage precinct area were able to attend. 3 points which you may like to know. POINT ONE The proposers would […]

Oct 19

Is there a Doctor in the East?

Yes indeed there is, and he goes by the name of Dr Blake, the fabulous tele show shot here in Ballarat. Check it out here:

Jul 10


So where is that pesky Diorama? You know the one. It was a crazy kitchsy timber shed in the middle of Eureka Stockade park, near Lake Penhallurick. In it was a sculpture art work about the Eureka Rebellion, with figurines, and a painted backdrop. You had to put in a coin to start the narration. […]

Jan 25

Old Ballarat East

Here is what Eureka Stockade Pool/Dam once looked like. The image is from the Rose Series of Postcards and can be located in the Gold Museum Fitzgerald Collection. Click on it to be taken to the original source. Now we have concrete boxes and no trees. Not bagging it, given its one of the few […]

Dec 2

Eureka 158th Anniversary Celebrations

Commemorate and celebrate freedom and diversity The battle of the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat East on Sunday 3 December 1854 has become a powerful symbol of democracy and the spirit of freedom in Australia. Every year, Ballarat commemorates the events of Eureka with a program of activities with something for everyone, from talks and historical lectures […]

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