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Aug 8

York St Tree

Remember our request for information about this once beautiful tree in York Street? Well here is the response we got from the city this week: RE: ASSET PROTECTION ENQUIRY We have had an Arborist inspect the street tree, so any urgent attention that is required can be done. We are now investigating the matter […]

Feb 14

York Street approved

Hey there, Erin here. It was a great Council meeting Wednesday night gone (Feb 12) that proved the Ballarat Council is forward thinking in terms of social issues. The Multicultural ambassadors were sworn in, a proposal to support the Say No to Homophobia campaign was supported unanimously. However we are also leading with over-development, when […]

Feb 8

307 York Street Mediation

**NOTE: I hope some of you read this letter a little better than I did! Its not a mediation, its being raised at the Council meeting. The planning officers are proposing the development go ahead with a zillion conditions. Check it out for your self online here: Do you remember this one? This is […]

Nov 9

Changes to York St Dev

DEVELOPMENT NUMBER: PLP/2012/639 DEVELOPER: TMG Group Pty Ltd SITE: 307 York Street Ballarat East PROPOSAL: 28 dwellings (down to 25) The York Street development is back with council officers after a few changes: reduction in number from 28 to 25 widening of entering roadway to 6 meters increase of internal roadway for traffic and trucks […]

Mar 2

York St Mediation report

During the week some objectors attended mediation about the development at 307 York Street. Mediation went well with everyone getting a chance to have their say and to provide feedback to the developers about how the community and neighbours felt about the development. You will find background and other info about this development here. […]

Feb 23

York Street Mediation

Morning, and what a lovely day here in the East… again… All Objectors to the over-development at 307 York Street have received notification of a mediation. Therefore it’s still not too late to get you objections in, you have up until the day of the mediation to get them in and to attend the mediation. […]

Dec 29

Over Development

Here in the East we are getting used to fighting proposals for over-development. Here is the latest proposal, the place as it exists now, and how developers see land use from other proposal that we weren’t able to stop… This image is what currently resides at 307 York Street, the beautiful creek, lovely walk, rural […]

Dec 22

York Street

Here is an objection letter that went in today to council via the online site. It’s not too late, despite the date having past. The council must continue to accept them up until a decision is made – so get cracking, at least have a look at the proposal. Like Rodier St, its over development, […]

Dec 15

Merry Christmas from Developers

You know its the beginning of holiday season when you see these: DEVELOPMENT NUMBER: PLP/2012/639 DEVELOPER: TMG Group Pty Ltd SITE: 307 York Street Ballarat East PROPOSAL : 28 dwellings Make sure you check it out, don’t wait to have a look after the holidays it will be too late… No decision will be made […]

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