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Aug 11

The power of people…

Here is a good news story from the folks in Brown Hill: Good morning BE Net, Please post this so people can see you can change some things… I would like to share with you our success story from the Gracefield Drive Brown Hill development. After we objected to the original subdivision plan we had […]

May 18

Mediation Report for Reid St

From resident Louise: Informal Mediation for the Reid St development was held last night with 4 residents in attendance (2 apologies) and the applicant and draftsman. Residents were given the opportunity to voice their concerns which included issues around increases to neighbourhood noise, traffic, parking congestion and lack of infrastructure to support such developments (no […]

May 17

Ryan Street Brown Hill

We went to investigate this application after being alerted by residents… Kaye said: “Hi Ballarat East Network. New Yellow Peril spotted in Ryan St (old melb rd end) also of interest a large allotment has been purchased in same street almost opposite yellow peril, of great worry is the fact that the large allotment which […]

May 8

6 Reid St Brown Hill Mediation

A mediation meeting to discuss the 6 Reid St Brown Hill application is scheduled for 17th May 2012 at 5:30pm. Committee Room 1, Ballarat Town Hall. The application is for a permit to subdivide 6 Reid St into 7 lots and construct 6 additional dwellings (units). Residents have expressed concerns about increased traffic, parking congestion, […]

Apr 22

Reid St Brown Hill

This is a letter from Brown Hill resident Louise Jones, it relates to an application at 6 Reid St, to subdivide into 7 lots and build 6 units… Residents are still entitled to submit objections on this development until the mediation. To date at least 2 objections have been submitted to the Council and we […]

Mar 26

Did they get away with it?

An open letter from Brown Hill resident Colleen Filippa: This is Hill View Road a year ago… Now, I don’t mind progress and I consider myself to be progressive – but this year has made me realise that unless we all keep our eyes open and get a little more proactive or money making developers […]

Mar 26

Under Seige in Brown Hill

Is it just us or are we really being inundated with bad inappropriate and over development? This just in from resident Louise Busija Jones via facebook: Received a letter from the council today notifying of a planning permit for Number 6 Reid St Brown Hill. Subdividing the block into 7 lots (existing dwelling & 6 […]

Mar 24

Brown Hill developments

Residents of Gracefield Drive in Brown Hill wanted to let other residents know about this development, and some of their issues. This from David Looker on behalf of 13 “objectors” (read residents who are concerned about their neighbourhood): We as a neighbourhood are objecting to the granting of a permit for a 24 lot subdivision […]

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