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May 19

Walkin’ on Sunshine

And don’t it feel good. What a wonderful turnout for the walk today. I took along my camera and asked people why they were there. I had intended on taking a few pics however I was out of battery, so can those who attended please send in your pics by: email to online via […]

May 9

Ballarat East Imagine

In the latest edition of My Ballarat is a lot of feedback that has been coming into the city though the Ballarat Imagine campaign. There has been a terrific response and lots of comments about preserving and protecting the character of Ballarat East. In the pic above taken from the mag ‘Ballarat East’ appears in […]

Apr 30

Why we need to report

The sadness of this image sent in by a local is devastating. Taken at Nerrina today. Looks like its been there a while. Hopefully the residents have taken note of who did it and reported it to the over-worked City Compliance Officer.

Apr 22

More Wildlife

Some fabulous images are starting to come in from people on their walks around our beautiful area, this is what we are here to protect. This little echinda was discovered wandering on the corner of Fussell and Spencer

Apr 19

Look what’s in the garden

We need to share what we have in order to protect it. We need to let people know whats special about Ballarat East and why it is worth protecting. Please send us your images of special things at your place, the wildlife, the trees, the ambiance, and we will post it here. You can find […]

Apr 18

Ballarat East Imagine

We hope that you have all had a go at supporting the council initiative to plan for a bright future for Ballarat. We need to ensure the beauty and diversity of Ballarat East is protected into that bright future… What have you got to contribute to BE Net’s recommendations to the council… In the comments […]

Apr 12

317 Fussell Street

Subdivisions are not all the same, however as we continue to say every-time, please take some time to read the application (deets below) and make up your own mind. DEVELOPMENT NUMBER: PLP/2013/189 DEVELOPER: Dickson Hearn Pty Ltd SITE: 317 Fussell Street APPLICATION: Subdivide land into three (3) lots The people subdividing the land that they […]

Apr 12

Sign Up & Send

To all those folk who objected to the development in 809 Wilson Street, you will remember that the council has continued to reject this application however the developers have taken it to VCAT. By now you should have received a letter from the Developers legal reps that you found fairly confusing. This letter is to […]

Apr 4

BE Tours

We are really keen to support visitors to our area in the hope that if more people are aware of its natural beauty and the stories it has to tell about our history then people more be more willing to support good planning here. What we would like you to do is tell us what […]

Apr 1


Judy sent this in, she says: “these guys wander over here quite often, but I had the camera handy┬átoday. He was really crunching into the stone , obviously getting a bit of ant nest. He had rolled the stone over.”

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