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Jul 1

Respond if you love the East…

Hello everyone, below is the report delivered to Council on June 13th. We are collating responses and recommendations to present our response, hopefully at the Council Meeting on July 11th. Can you all please have a read and note your responses along with your recommendations, and then either add your comment below, email your response […]

Jun 30

Ballarat Open Space Strategy

Submissions for the Open Space Strategy close at 5pm Monday 2 July 2012.–-ballarat-open-space-strategy.aspx The amendment also updates the Schedule to Clause 52.01 (Public Open Space Contribution and Subdivision) of the Ballarat Planning Scheme. The new schedule introduces a percentage for public open space contributions for all subdivisions including residential, commercial and industrial zoned land. […]

Jun 30

Regarding Voluntary Options to avoid subdivision

BE Net spoke with the City Planning Department this week regarding the options for land owners to put a voluntary option on land they are selling or subdividing to stop any further subdivision. Here is the convo: BE Net: is it okay for a landowner/homeowner to put a voluntary 173 on their own land before […]

Jun 30

Growth Forum

This week BE Net headed off to the Growth Forum presented by Ballarat Environment Network. Some interesting bits and things to do: There is a Central Highlands Growth Plan being developed by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD), if you want to have some input then send your contact details to This […]

May 5

For Sale Ballarat East

For Sale Ballarat East

What you need to know… If you are buying property in Ballarat East – do your homework… here is a head-start (this is advice from residents and doesn’t replace your need to get proper legal advice on any or all of the secrets we are about the reveal…) There are a few issues that you’ll […]

Apr 22

Our Important Vista

Taken directly from the Ballarat Planning Scheme. Planning Officer Andrew Bishop defined it as follows: Objectives MUST be met. Strategies SHOULD be met. 21.06-6 Landscape Ballarat has a range of important vistas including sweeping views of gently undulating grazing land, treed roadsides, mountains, lakes and wetlands. It also has important natural features and areas of […]

Jan 21

How to Present at VCAT

The Environment Defenders Office situated in Carlton conducts 2 hour workshops where people can learn how to effectively represent themselves in planning and environment matters before VCAT. This two-hour workshop, presented by an EDO lawyer, gives members of the community information about VCAT proceedings and hearings with opportunity for questions. For more information go to […]

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