Jan 5

Welcome Lucy

Lucy in close up

Welcome to Lucy our newest resident in Ballarat East… She is a strong sentinel looking out over all of her domain, her wild orange dress does not move with the wind, yet her eyes will follow all those who move through her field of vision.

‘Lucy’ by Mark Schaller (2004) is a large wooden chainsaw created sculpture that has just alighted (well she at 750kgms it was a feat) in the East.

Lucy by Mark Schaller



  1. Alice Christie says:

    Welcome to our community Lucy!

  2. Ditchy says:

    She is high enough to be
    “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”
    Makes you smile as you walk by and a nice addition to Ballarat East

  3. Barry B says:

    “Put your shoes on Lucy / Don’t you know you’re in the city / Put your shoes on Lucy, it’s really such a pity / That Lucy can’t go barefoot wherever she goes / ‘Cos she loves to feel the wriggle of her toes.”
    And here she can go barefoot!

  4. Judyann says:

    Welcome Lucy!
    I have noticed you sitting on top of the hill watching the world go by. Now I know your name.

  5. Erin says:

    I Love Lucy…
    sorry it just couldn’t be helped…
    how many of you also love Lucy?

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