Jan 10

Were you notified??

The folk who are mounting the charge against the developers looking to demolish most of the Old Orphanage site are interested in hearing from you.

If you made an objection regarding the site did you received notification from the developers firm, St Quentin’s, informing you about the challenge at VCAT?

If you did then you need to lodge your statement of grounds by Monday 13th January. Some folk are trying to get this extended, but work hard to have it in by due date anyway.

COMPLETE FORM B STATEMENT OF GROUNDS to ensure you are included in the hearing. Click here for the form at the VCAT site.

If you didn’t receive notification and you did object then you need to call VCAT on (03) 9628 9777 and ask if you are on the list of objectors for case #P2630/2013 regarding 200, 200A, 200 B Victoria Street. If you are on the list then complete the form above. Either way you will need to lodge a form.

If you didn’t object then, and would like to object now you still can. So how to get involved and support the people who want the best outcome at the old Orphanage Site

  • If you wish to be represented, or present, at VCAT you need to complete a form and have it arrive by MONDAY 13th JAN 2014:
  1. if you have already objected to council then the form you need is here called Form (B) “Statement of Grounds”
  2. if you have not yet objected (and its not too late) then the form you need is here Form (A) “Statement of Grounds and Application to be Joined as a Party”

NOTE: I’d prefer to give you a direct link, however they are really hard to find online. Once we have correct link I’ll update these links…

  • Send a copy of the form to the developer, the city council and to VCAT (see all addresses below).
  • You can help people in your community to fill out forms also, this can be an intimidating process, however VCAT respects numbers, so the more the better.
  • If you want to hear more about what is happening, or have some questions then email us here info@ballarateast.net
  • Get people, neighbours, residents, friends to subscribe to the BE Network to make it easier to spread the word, do that on the box at right or below in the footer or send us an email and we’ll do it for you.

Addresses to send your forms:

The Developer: The Applicant, Victoria Street Developments, c/- St Quentin Consulting, PO Box 919 Geelong 3220

The City Council: The Responsible Authority, Ballarat City Council, PO Box 655 Ballarat, Vic 3353

VCAT: The Principal Registrar, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Ground Floor, 55 King Street, Melbourne 3000

One comment

  1. Deb says:

    Before we head to VCAT ………….. the re-zoning the former Ballarat Orphanage site Panel Planning Meeting, we head to the Amendment C164 Ballarat Planning Scheme next week hearing starting Tuesday 8th , 16th and 17th of April are the hearing dates .
    Starting at 9.30am at the City of Ballarat Stuart Street Ballarat.
    Firstly if anyone is trying to contact Camron Haines is no longer working in City of Ballarat. However if you are wanting to get in touch with others you need to contact Planning Panel is Jessie Keating or Leanne Wilson she dealing with the Tribunal things. Those who wrote in submissions and are wishing to be heard been informed that if we are wishing the panel to get our submissions on the hearing day we must present about 7 copies, or you can just read out and be heard, I feel though it would be better to hand copies on the day that way the panel has your hard copy. Look forward to seeing everyone at this very important stage of saving the orphanage site from the developers from demolishing the whole site. All those who put in submissions for this meeting i wish you all well. WE WILL UNITE TOGETHER AND STAND PROUD. THE ORPHANAGE SITE IS HERITAGE WITH HEART.

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