Apr 5

What’s it to you?

Today Ballarat East witnessed the most extreme environmental vandalism. And here it is for you in all its glory.

These trees, once visible across, Canadian Valley, were protected from the developer according to their permit approval… and yet here they go…

And down they went… how do we replace protect 100 year old Eucalypts? Fine the developer and have them replant (replace with what, a seedling?). We have names, numbers and license plates so we know who did it, and we will support the Enforcement Officer Neesa Moyle to ensure they are prosecuted…. Please call her on 5320 5500 to let her know how you feel.

In the meantime? Developers please take note your rogue actions will NOT be tolerated, we are onto you…

and here it is going down… Richard Pegg saw the whole thing, here is what he had to say:


I just wanted to alert the network of this, have posted the same on the 213 Fussell St. page.

The two significant trees that we were all watching in Stockade street are there no more, cut down at lunch time today (05.04.12) in time for us to all go on our Easter break and forget about it.

I believe I have the last photo of the larger one, I was too late for the other one. When I asked one of the workers (?) if in fact they were cutting down the second one his response was “What is it to you mate?!” I thought they had some protection? Apparently not.

On rereading some of  the posts there are references  to having “larger” blocks on the front of the development thus preserving the character of the area, then they do this?


Richard Pegg

Please note these trees were in fact protected – don’t allow people with “official looking business” to fob you off – tell them to wait until you can confirm the issue with council enforcement officer.

Click on the images below for a better look at such abhorrent disregard for the environment, the community who enjoyed these trees and the loss of the residents who will move into this development called “Vue” – what bloody view?


  1. […] we have had many examples of this in Ballarat East over the last little while, who can forget the trees in stockade st, and the council is currently prosecuting a case near Canadian Valley. So while it pays to be […]

  2. John Kerr says:

    I am horrified yet again that old indigenous remnants have been cut down, I say, leave the stumps standing as a monument to the few scent barks ‘aroma phlora’ that are left standing in Ballarat East.

  3. Alice Christie says:

    Please!! everyone contact your Councillors to let them know how you feel. Their contact names and e-mails are on the Ballarat City web site. This should never-ever been allowed to happen. The 2 trees could have formed a reserve in the middle of the development. There can be no excuses that Councillors/Council Officers have no control in this development process. They could have said no to the development in the first place. Now we need to know when Council will put effect to the motion to “define Neighbourhood Character of the Ballarat East area as a guide to determine future planning applications in the Ballarat East Area.”

  4. Alice Christie says:

    This is an absolute disgrace. Is there no end to the greed, disrespect, lack of honesty or devaluation of native flora and fauna, by these people. The habitat that was housed in these trees can never, ever be replaced. Fines are not enough. They need to be publicly shamed – unbelievable. The fine would mean nothing to them in a development this size. We know who this developer is!! You are responsible and so will this Council be!!

  5. david says:

    I along with my neighbour watched the trees being cut down thinking ” they must have a permit otherwise this would not be happening ” ,how wrong we were.
    the city of ballarat should get some ticker and address this
    issue immediatly.

  6. Steven says:

    That sucks, but what actually is the council going to do about it?

    Has anything been received from the Council?

    Additionally what is the fine for removing the tree? Developers take a business decision to these types of things, if the fine is small, then they’ll just pay it because the benefit is still greater, to them.

  7. kaye murray says:

    hear, hear richard. when will they ever learn. just like there is no damage from climate change

  8. Michael says:

    Another example of developers doing what they like. Another example of a developer slapping the City of Ballarat, it’s residents, it’s bylaws and planning schemes in the face.

    The developer will, and all those associated with this act, hopefully be fined. But this will be a pittance, which he will pass on as part of their development costs. He has what he wants, clear assess to develop where those two trees once stood. No skin off his nose and he does not give a hoot, once the site is sold and his out of there.

    Council needs to stand up and show leadership here and bring this developer to account.

  9. erin says:

    This is so so awful, when will developers and builders realise trees are important? When they realise they can’t breathe money?

    • Paula says:

      I am so sad and feel very disheartened by the trees slaying. It doesn’t seem to matter what rules are in place, individuals just do what they like and there is no penalty that matters to them.

  10. Judyann says:

    Well, the developers are responsible whoever cut them down. The developer needs to be fined and made replace the trees with same size and variety.
    How many trees were cut down to make the sign? “Vue” of tar, cement and ticky, tacky little boxes. False advertising!
    You could hardly say these trees fell over with the evidence. Good on you, Richard.

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