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What do you want us to tell this project team on their first outing to Ballarat East?

BE Net has just been asked to contribute to a new project being developed world wide.

“The City of Ballarat is part of a worldwide pilot program to roll out UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape which requires taking a community led approach to the management of change in historic cities.  The first step in this process is undertaking extensive mapping and surveying of Ballarat, the Mapping Ballarat’s Historic Urban Landscape project.

The aim of the project (Stage 1 & 2) is to undertake comprehensive surveys and mapping to enable an understanding of Ballarat’s natural, cultural/social and historic landscape.  The study will enable evidence-based, holistic, integrated, community-led and locally relevant management of Ballarat’s historic urban landscape and will be a critical component of the Ballarat Council’s Today Tomorrow Together: The Ballarat Strategy currently under development.

The current stage, stage 1, of the study includes developing indicative character mapping and development of a methodology for stage 2 that will enable an understanding of values and character that are important to communities and stakeholder groups at the neighbourhood level.”

Here’s an important line: “to enable an understanding of Ballarat’s natural, cultural/social and historic landscape.”

A few of us are meeting with the project team this week. If the project sounds interesting to you, (and we are very excited by it) then please send an email to info@ballarateast.net and we will give you all the details.

This is just a first step, but what an important one! We hope to support an understanding by our community, and our government, about what is crucial to our ability to live well, healthily, and enjoy and protect our environs. We will be sharing some of your contributions to this site around the character of Ballarat East,  points and places of interest, special areas, social history and historical impacts.

What do you want us to tell this project team on their first outing to Ballarat East?



  1. BE Network says:

    A report on our tour is now posted here: http://ballarateast.net/worldwide-still/
    Thanks so much for your comments and support – this is a resident led process and we will keep yo informed to ensure you can participate to the fullest.

  2. […] a quick report on the meeting for the project we mentioned here, (worldwide pilot program to roll out UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape) […]

  3. I’m really very interested in the learnings from the meeting you had this week. Can you fill me in, in some way, or put me in touch with the right people to speak with? I have this in mind with regard to the CBD precinct and Learmoth primarily, but also a larger academic interest that I am developing in sensitive redevelopment of built and cultural heritage. With thanks.

    • BE Network says:

      Thanks Ailsa. Two reps (Erin & Diane) met with the UNESCO project crew and toured them around iconic areas of Ballarat East. It was really refreshing to be asked about the area and what is great about it and how we can protect it. Its great that BE Net is in place to take advantage for the East with this project. Next time they make contact we will mention your interest. I think its early days yet. There is a report now online about the tour. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Helen says:

    Look forward to hearing more about this project to understand Ballarat’s natural, cultural/social and historic landscape

  5. Deb says:

    Hopefully, once the incredible historic landscape of our beautiful city gains international recognition, our council will be less enthusiastic about funding modern influence in inappropriate areas…

  6. Amy T says:

    Very exciting! Great to have “Ballarat’s natural, cultural/social and historic landscape” seriously on the agenda. I have moved to Ballarat from Melbourne and absolutely love it- nature so close to the city, beautiful and evocative heritage and so much more, and am very concerned about the use of slippery terms like ’emerging local character’ that I have seen recently in planning… Look forward to hearing more

  7. Judyann says:

    I love to see the light streaming through the gumtrees, especially morning and evening. I enjoy visits from wild birds from small to large. I Love to see wild native animals cropping on our front lawns and sitting in our trees. It is very special to see the native plants flowering in the spring. I love to breathe in the fresh clean air. Please show people leafy suburbs, our style, on the fringes of the city.

  8. Louise says:

    How precious it is to live in this wide open space…a breath of fresh air at our own front doors.

  9. Erin says:

    Make sure you show them the local icons, like the Tammy fence in Eureka Street, the steps down to the Ballarat east Town Hall gardens, the walking tracks along the creeks – all so special. And of course our urban forest, a treat in a city like no other. Hopefully this will highlight and thus protect our special places.

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